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HQ. The Rowswell Hall, St Michaels Church, Gidea Park.
 Beavers (6 - 8 years) Tues & Fri | Cubs (8 - 10.5) Tues & Fri | Scouts (10.5 - 14) 7:30 Thur


  • Mar 14th - News Update.
  • Feb 24th - News Update and archive of 2023.
  • Feb 14th - News Update.
  • Jan 10th - News Update.


  • Nov 22nd - Summer Camp 2001 page refresh.
  • Nov 18th - News Update.
  • Nov 11th - Expanded 1950s Group History with new photoes, 1950s Summer Camps with new photoes and added some names and groups to Kingswood Cup and Green Medal trophy pages.
  • Oct 16th - Summer Camp video added and report expanded.
  • Oct 12th - Big news update.
  • Oct 11th - Added Beaver Badge Guide.
  • July 26th - Summer Camp report started.
  • July 7th - News update.
  • Jun 19th - News Update.
  • April 24th - News update.
  • March 26th - News update.
  • Jan 31st - Added winter camp video.
  • Jan 28th - News Update and archive of 2022
  • Jan 9th - Massive News Update


  • Oct 27th - Completed long overdiew restoration and enhancement of 1993 group expedition.
  • Oct 20th - News Update
  • Oct 2nd - Finished refresh of 1993 expedition log.
  • Sep 28th - continued refresh of 1993 expedition log.
  • Sep 25th - News Update.
  • Sep 21st - News Update.
  • Aug 8th - News update.
  • Aug 7th - Finished Summer Camp Page.
  • July 22nd - Started Summer Camp Page.
  • June 28th - News update
  • June 25th - News Update & started to refresh 1993 expedition log.
  • June 18th - News update & completed Summer camp 2013 report.
  • June 15th - News update and further summer camp 2013 update.
  • June 5th - Progress with Summer Camp 2013 log and finished improvements to Summer Camp 2000 log.
  • June 4th - News Update
  • May 11th - News update, AGM and tropies.
  • Apr 23rd - Beaver Runway news item.
  • Apr 1st - News and another trophy update.
  • Mar 21st - News and trophy update.
  • Mar 09th - News update.
  • Feb 18th - Big news update and archiving of 2021 news.
  • Feb 15th - Added Guide section to the 1930's page of the Group History.
    Added Remembrance Sunday to 2021 news as well as another Scout meeting news.
  • Jan 27th - Made a start on 1957 in the Group History and added a 1953 picture of bashful brownies.


  • Dec 20th - First draft of 1956 completed in the Group History. End of term news update.
  • Dec 5th - Started writing up 1956 in the Group History.
  • Nov 27th - News update (Two more golds!)
  • Nov 10th - Uniform page update.
  • Oct 26th - News Update.
  • Sep 29th - News Update.
  • Sep 22nd - News Update.
  • Aug 29th - News Update.
  • Aug 22nd - Added Scouts Summer 2021 Video.
  • Aug 8th - Big news update for last two months.
  • June 23st - Big news updates.
  • May 31st - Updates to Summer Camp 2013 report.
  • May 10th - Added parents guide to group
  • May 4th - Added more pictures of Beaver meetings.
  • May 3rd - News, all sections now face to face. Started work on Summer Camp 2013 log.
  • Apr 17th - Restoration of Summer Camp 2000 report.
  • Mar 30th - Updates to History of Scouting in Romford.
  • Mar 12th - 2021 news is now up to date.
  • Mar 7th - Archived 2020 news (what a year) and added some news for 2021.
  • Jan 1st - Split Summer Camp page into decades and added maps. Refreshed some of the Summer Camp 2003 content.


  • Dec 23rd - Added map to 1930s camping page
  • Dec 17th - News update
  • Dec 8th - Added Easter camp 1955 report. Finally added group history 1950-55. Updated some of the expedition pages from Summer Camp 2003 and added links to all the logs to our expedition logs page.
  • Dec 4th - News update
  • Nov 11th - Farmers Update
  • Nov 8th - News Update
  • Oct 24th - Minor updates to 1940s history and trophies.
  • Oct 19th - Farmers Badge updates.
  • Oct 14th - New Update
  • Sep 26th - News update
  • Sep 13th - news update and another odd shape vedge update!
  • Sep 09th - Republished the History of Scouting in Romford.
  • Aug 27th - Farmers Badge Update
  • Aug 20th - It's another massive cucumber update to Scouts Farmers Badge.
  • Aug 16th - Added an account of April camp 1950 and updates to the Group History in the late 40s.
  • Aug 13th - Massive cucumber update!
  • Aug 7th - News update.
  • Aug 6th - Farmers badge update.
  • Aug 2nd - 1st Face to face Scout meeting in 140 days.
  • July 30th - Added farmers badge history.
  • July 29th - Completed 1940s in the Group History.
  • July 19th - Group History Updates.
  • July 14th - Added news item about 20 years of
  • July 13th - Added the first few years of the 1940s to the Group History pages.
  • June 30th - Added profile of Peter R Hunt to 2nd part of Group History.
  • June 29th - Added profile of Doug Pyne to 1st part of Group History
  • June 24th - Group History for 1930s is completed. News update.
  • June 17th - Updated and corrected the Group History Page.
  • June 16th - Big news update.
  • June 7th - Added more to 1938 in group history page and added 1938 picture to summer camps page.
  • June 6th - Updated news items, added new video and changes joining page adding link to HQ.
  • May 7th - Updated news items
  • May 3rd - Updated and corrected the Group History Page. Added Hike report from 1936 camp.
  • Apr 19th - Added three summer camp reports for ... 1954! (Three!)
  • Apr 16th - Added a news item about 3rd and 4th online meetings and Summer Camps in the early 1950s.
  • Apr 06th - Added a news item about 2nd online meeting and JOTI.
  • Mar 29th - Added pictures from Summer Camp 1936 - 39 to Summer Camps page.
  • Mar 27th - Added pictures from Summer Camp 1936 and 1935 to Summer Camps page. Added 1933 picture of F.W. Rowswell to Group History Page.
  • Mar 26th - Added a news item about 1st online meeting.
  • Mar 22nd - Added Group History page.
  • Mar 16th - All meetings stopped due to Virus
  • Mar 13th - Updated the trophies results
  • Feb 16th - Finished 2019 news and archived it. Started 2020 news.
  • Feb 23rd - Restored 1996 Summer Camp Log.


  • Dec 1st - Massive news update.
  • Nov 25th - Added links to Youtube video of last summer's water activities.
  • Nov 16th - Added more pictures to 1993 Chief Scouts Challenge Expedition
  • Nov 2nd - Added news items.
  • Oct 11th - Added cooking competition results and new news items.
  • Oct 7th - Added new news items.
  • Sep 25th - Added news items.
  • Sep 18th - Cub pictures from last Friday
  • Sep 8th - Updates to Derby 95 expedition pictures.
  • Aug 31st - Summer camp video added.
  • Aug 11th - Added Summer Camp report
  • Aug 10th - Added summer camp expedition log
  • Aug 10th - Updated the 1999 new hall page with larger scans
  • Aug 7th - First Summer Camp pictures on home page.
  • Late July - Added pictures to Kiplin Shield Page
  • July 9th - Added lots of news items.
  • July 08th - Added Summer Camp 1989 photo report. (Only 30 years late!)
  • July 07th - Added Scooter rally to trophy page and 1989 picture to summer camp page.
  • June 25th - Updated forms page.
  • June 19th - Added a Million Hands (60 hands) video.
  • June 16th - A bumper June news update.
  • June 4th - More news item updates for May. A very busy month.
  • May 20th - More news item updates for May. A busy month.
  • May 19th - News item updates for May.
  • May 5th - Added St Georges Day Video
  • April 15th - Added Jambo news item.
  • April 11th - Added 1968 picture to the Summer Camps page.
  • April 6th - Added cub cooking news item.
  • April 3rd - Added Orienteering Competition video & results to the trophys pages.
  • April 2nd - Added expedition 2018 to the expeditions page.
  • March 31st - Archived the 2018 news from the home page and added all the Feb and March Beaver News items. It's a beaver take over!
  • March 10th - Updated trophies pages with details of the Orionteering results.
  • Feb 9th - Added two more golds and the Forest Boundary Hike to the Romford Trophies page.
  • Jan 29th - 2nd Video news of the year with the Scouts Magic week and Beavers making 3D pictures.
  • Jan 22nd - 1st update of the year. Winter Camp.


  • Dec 27th - Update to summer camp page.
  • Dec 15th - Added lots of news items
  • Dec - 9th - Updated History of Scouting in Romford.
  • Dec 5th - Added team building vid
  • Dec 3rd - News Updates
  • Nov 24th - Refreshed more pages in the building of the hall extension.
  • Nov 23rd - Refreshed more pages in the building of the hall extension.
  • Nov 22nd - Filled in some gaps on the Summer Camps Page.
  • Nov 14th - Added news item about Beavers and Pets at home.
  • Nov 18th - Added news item re church parade, the Scouts face painting and updated photoes from the building of the hall project page.
  • Nov 6th - Added news item about Beavers and Lush.
  • Oct 19th - Added Scout news.
  • Sep 16th - Added more expedition pictures for 1993
  • Sep 12th - Added summer camp pictures for 1952, 1991 and 1998
  • Sep 9th - Added pictures to the 1960 expedition and 1959 expedition.
  • Aug 29th - Added summer video.
  • Aug 10th - Added summer meeting news item.
  • Aug 2nd - Finished summer camp 2018 page with details of the Kinder storm and finished the refresh of the summer camp 2001 page. (Now for the 1990s!)
  • Aug 1st - Tidied and spell checked the summer camp page after all the ad-hoc updates made from camp. Added an extra day and a few other pictures to the page, more to follow.
  • Jul 20 - Added Scout Summer Camp page.
  • Jul 16 - Added Beaver news item.
  • Jul 15 - Added Scout Long Wet Summer Video.
  • Jul 14 - Added two weeks of Scout News.
  • Jun 26 - Added news item for Thriftwood. Refreshed summer camp 2002 report. Added 2001 to the summer camps page.
  • Jun 23 - Re-added some summer camp 2002 reports and updated summer camps page. 15 years of history now.
  • Jun 19 - Tidied flannel panel. Added new use for a neckar - the first new entry in 11 years. Where is our imagination! Went back to 2010 on Summer Camps page.
  • Jun 18 - Added new news articles + new camp medi form. Added summer camp page.
  • May 19 - Added new news articles.
  • May 18 - Updated privacy notice.
  • May 17 - Rebranded with new logo and font. Badge charts removed ahead of GDPR, they are not up to date.
  • Apr 26 - After years we have finally got around to putting the old logs back online.
  • Apr 24 - Added St Georges Day.
  • Apr 01 - Added news items.
  • Mar 06 - Added swim gala results, added scouts in snow shelters news, added old district tropies page to our web site.
  • Feb 11 - Archived 2017 and added 2018 news.
  • Mar 23rd - Added news from Beavers.
  • Mar 18th - Archived 2016 news items and added winter camp.
  • Feb/March Changed domain name management providor.
  • Jan - Scout badge updates.
  • November 8th - News update.
  • July 14th - Finally sorted out new badge page, CS gold and some new challenge badges.
  • May 5th - Added spring camp news item and video.
  • March 6th - News Update.
  • Feb - Reformat of Home Page.
  • Dec 7th - News updates.
  • Aug 13th - Summer Camp updates.
  • May 9th - Gradual replacement of frames based pages with server side includes.
  • Apr 3rd - News update.
  • Feb 6th - More Video Uploads.
  • Jan 18th - News update.
  • Dec 21st - History and Projects update.
  • Dec 21st - News and badge update
  • Nov 1st - News and badge update
  • Oct 16th - News and badge update
  • Sep 20th - News Update
  • Sep 7th - Summer Camp Video Update
  • Aug 7th - Summer Camp Badge Update
  • July & Aug - Summer Camp News Updates
  • Mar 30th - Added our first video!
  • Mar 15th - News and Badge update
  • Feb 28th - Badge update
  • Feb 19th - News update
  • Feb 23rd - Added group calendar
  • Nov 22th - News update
  • Nov 19th - Scout Badge update
  • Nov 4th - News update and scout badge update
  • Aug 16th - News update Summer Camp and August meetings.
  • Jul 19th - Big news update and Scout Badge Updates and Summer Camp update.
  • Jun 16th - Big news update and Scout Badge Updates.
  • May 6th - News update spring camp.
  • May 1st - Badge update after spring camp.
  • Mar 31st - News update - Beaver sleep over and Scout Night Hike and badge update
  • Mar 6th - News update
  • Sep 9th - Added news items re cooking and Kubadoo
  • Aug 24th - Added details of Havering Show, Tree Climbing and a summer camp picture.
  • Aug 11th - Masive Badge Update after summer camp.
  • Jul 13th - A different kind of torch.
  • Jul 4th - Updated badge charts and news items.
  • Jun 16th - Added Scouts Crow, Beavers Sleepover news items.
  • May 14th - Updated whats going on at 3GP.
  • May 6th - Added lots of new items.
  • March 2th Added AGM, Church Parade and winter camp news items. Updated Javascript menues for 2012. Archived last of 2011 news items off home page.
  • March 6th Added three new news items from 2011
  • March 3rd Archived most of 2011's news items onto archive news pages and added new news item.
  • Sep 11th - 10 Downing Street news update.
  • Sep 6th - Jambo news update.
  • Aug 28th - Summer camp news update.
  • Aug 8th - Massive News update.
  • Aug 6th - 21 badge charts updated after summer camp.
  • Mar 28th - Added AGM and Beaver Sleepover news items.
  • Feb 12th - Put neckerchief border on home page. Added badge work, orionteering and quiz news items.
  • Jan 30th - Started New Year with Winter Camp and Orienteering. New style to news items frames.
  • Dec 1st - Bunker News Update
  • Nov 22nd - Big News Update
  • Oct 30th - Nights Away Badge Chart Update. Moved the uniform for some of our Scouts who are moving on into the Back of the Wardrobe. New Explorer Uniforms soon!
  • Sep 4th - Scouts summer camp report completed.
  • Aug 31st - Added lots more summer camp stuff and Havering Show.
  • Aug 13th - Added playing with trains news item and first 4 days of summer camp report!
  • Aug 6th - Big badge upadate after summer camp.
  • Jul 12th - Last Badge upadate before summer camp. Added Canoe Race and Raphael Park news item. Archived April and May news.
  • Jun 2nd - Added Barton and Crow news items. Updated badge charts.
  • Jun 13th - Updated Promise Challenge. Added Canoing level 1 final news item. Added We've got a badge for that strap line.
  • May 16th - Added loads of news and badge updates.
  • Apr 15th - Added 1st Aid Level 4 badge Chart.
  • Mar 26th - Added cubs to Nights Away and Hikes Away badge charts. Added Cubs to Virtual Wardrobe. Added Silver CSA Progress Chart.
  • Mar 20th - Added Night Hike news item. Added Librarian badge. Big badge chart update.
  • Mar 14th - Masive Badge Update and added Expedition Challenge. Added "the back of the wardrobe!"
  • Mar 5th - Added AGM news item.
  • Feb 7th - Updated Orienteering and Adventure Challenge badge charts.
  • Jan 30th - Added Patrol badges to the badge page. (So the leaders know which one is which!) Added description of uniform to uniform page.
  • Jan 19th - Updated badges and added winter camp and eating contest news items.
  • Dec 5th - Updated badges and added cyclocross and badge news items.
  • Nov 29th - Added news items for YL Awards and four new badges to charts.
  • Nov 18th - Added news items for climbing, cubado and Gold CSA.
  • Sep 9th - Added Last couple of days of summer camp.
  • Aug 31st - Added days 8 - 11 to summer camp report.
  • Aug 26th - Added middle of day 7 to summer camp report.
  • Aug 25th - Added day 6 and start of 7 to summer camp report.
  • Aug 19th - Added start of day 5 to camp report.
  • Aug 9th - Added Summer Camp return news item and updated 22 badge charts.
  • JUL 24th - Summer Camp Advance party news item.
  • JUL 11th - Added quiz news item and archived Mar - May.
  • JUL 8th - Added railway news item.
  • JUL 5th - Added rafting news item.
  • JUN 28th - Added Barton News item and updated some badge charts.
  • JUN 26th - Added Summer Camp Countdown.
  • APR 10th - Added CS Gold new item and updated badge charts.
  • MAR 23rd - Added night hike and Young Citizens awards news items.
  • FEB 11th - Added Swimmers staged badge charts and Chief Scout Gold news item.
  • FEB 20th - Fixed issues with badge chart and added nights away to wardrobe.
  • FEB 14th - Added Virtual Wardrobe and chess news item.
  • JAN 19th - Added winter camp.
  • JAN 6th - Restored the Venture Room refit to the projects page.
  • JAN 4th - Updated calendar for new year.
  • OCTOBER 25th - Added news items for Cubs at the bunker. Updated badge charts.
  • OCTOBER 21st - Added news items for new term. Updated badge charts.
  • SEPTEMBER 10th - Added two new badges.
  • AUGUST 9th - Updated badge charts after Summer Camp.
  • JULY 23rd - Added details of autumn quiz night and Scout Navigator Badge.
  • JULY 16th - Updated latest news page and badge charts.
  • JULY 6th - Added Chief Scout Golds and JP Awards.
  • JUNE 28th - Added trains.
  • JUNE 24th - Updated badge charts.
  • JUNE 24th - Updated badge charts.
  • MAY 10th - Added Scouts Franklin + Beaver Sports news items. Added camp cook badge chart and updated all other badges.
  • JAN 22nd - Added winter camp report and updated badge charts.
  • JAN 15th - Added joining form to our dowloadable forms section.
  • JAN 7th - Added new Scout Challenge Badge and progress chart.Updated calendar page with 2008 events.
  • JAN 6th - Moved site to new host. Added news items re cyclo cross and bedfords. Updated most badge charts. Changed chief Scout Gold Award page to reflect new requirements.
  • OCT 29th - Added Sailing news item. Updated badge charts.
  • OCT 21st - Added Cooking Comp, Tate and badge updates.
  • OCT 13th - Added Kubadoo and JP Certs.
  • Sep 9th - Added Lisa and Garry's weeding.
  • Aug 21st - Added, County Activity Day, Summer Camp, Sunrise and Jamboree news items, updated badge pages.
  • June 13th - Added bedfords to home page.
  • June 02nd - Added uniform page.
  • May 19th - Added news items for St Georges day, cub camp and Franklin. Archived March and April.
  • May 16th - Updated badge charts after cub camp and franklin and added new badge charts.
  • Apr 22nd - Updated badge charts after bedfords and St George.
  • Apr 16th - Updated badge charts after skills camp.
  • Apr 12th - Added Brownsea picture report.
  • Apr 11th - Added Brownsea news item and updated badge charts.
  • Mar 25th - Added May at Bedfords and updated to Pioneers and Century badge charts.
  • Mar - 18th Archived Feb page
    Added news items for YLs doing D of E Expeditions, County Chess and record meeting attendance, Narrow Boat camp, The Red Nose Day Night Hike.
    Updated Nights Away, Adventure Challenge and Hikes Away Badge Charts.
  • Mar 3rd - Archived Jan. Added news items for founders day, Akela's last meeting and Feb at Bedfords.
  • Feb 13th - Some Scout badge chart updates. Added News Item re Chief Scout, Chess and Southern 50.
  • Jan 24rd - Lots of Scout badge chart updates.
  • Jan 23rd - Added another use of a neckar.
  • Jan 22nd - Added Thorry pics and updated nights away.
  • Jan 08th - Added Winter Camp News Item, Added Scouting Mag picture article. Updated archive news menues with new year, updated badge charts.
  • Dec 04th - Added cyclo-cross.
  • Nov 27th - Updated go for 100 chart.
  • Oct 25th - Added Jack Petchey Awards and new Hikes Away Badge.
  • Oct 21st - Added news items Cooking, Comp & Climbing and updated 2007 go for a century badge chart.
  • Sep 27th - Added Michlemas fair news item and 2007 go for a century badge chart. Updated Challenge Badge Charts.
  • Aug 23rd - Added camp fire to summer camp report.
  • Aug 20th - Added more new pages to summer camp report.
  • Aug 16th - Added new pages to summer camp report.
  • Aug 15th - Added News items about summer camp and details of Quiz Night.
  • July 17th - Added News items about canoe race and updated fitness challenge and CS gold award badge pages.
  • July 15th - Added News items about BBQ and Chief Scout Golds and added fitness challenge badge chart and updated others.
  • June 19th - Updated Nights Away, added news item RE. Canoing. Added Three trophies in three days news items.
  • May 1st - Updated style sheet with new link styles. Added Franklin, St George and practice day. Archived Jan to March. Updated badge charts.
  • Apr 27th - Updated medical form, added parents guide to troop.
  • Apr 21st - Spelling corrections on home page and added notes about group fund raising events.
  • Apr 20th - Added Easter Camp news item, updated web site policy.
  • Apr 19th - Updated badge charts.
  • Apr 13th - Updated hiker and adventure badge charts and added Hill Walker badge chart.
  • Apr 09th - Added survival camp, night hike, county chess and swimming gala to latest news page and updated nights away. Well done to the following for gaining Nights Away badges - Arron 1, Talyor 5, Josh 10 and Olly 50
  • Mar 22nd - Updated nights away and other badges. Removed old items from whats happening section on home page.
  • Feb 14th - Added 2006 menu. added chess.
  • Jan 22nd - Added more winter camp pictures and January Hike News.
  • Jan 16th - Updated Home page with note about Jumble and AGM.
  • Jan 9th - Updated Nights Away Page, Added Winter Camp news item.
  • Jan 3rd - Updated Calendar Pages.
  • Jan 2nd - Updated Know Your Knots Page. Added Cyclocross pictures and December Hike pictures. Finished Summer Camp report.
  • Nov 27th - Updated Pioneer, Outdoor Plus and CD Gold badge charts.
  • Nov 20th - Added Bazzar. Updated Pioneering Badge, Archived September and October.
  • Nov 15th - Added Canal Boat Camp and Chief Scout Award Presentations, tidied up first archive news page.
  • Nov 6th - Added Orienteering Badge Page and moved badge links to separate page.
  • Oct 18th - Added burger challenge to summer camp report.
  • Oct 16th - Added cub camp, orienteering, cooking and Kubado.
  • Oct 15th - Added new links page. Removed note about birthday.
  • Sep 25th - Updated calendar., Added Popin's visit, added polo shirt details. Added what's happening panel. Added link to 3gp cubs, national scout web site and KISC.
  • Sep 9th - Added Snowdon Dawn Hike, Survival and Horse riding to Happy valley hike.
  • Sep 7th - Added Cat & Rockets to troop summer camp report.
  • Aug 30th - Added Havering Show. Added day at Barmouth to summer camp report.
  • Aug 22nd - Added river walk and Waun-Oer hike to summer camp report.
  • Aug 21st - Added summer camp news item and first page of report.
  • Aug 17th - Updated Scout Badge Pages.
  • July 24th - Added news items about the canoe exam, the county canoe race, the gimi 5 challenge. Updated nights away and added two new badges.
  • July 5th - Added news items about the canoe course and the Harrow Lodge Fun Run.
  • Jun 21st - Added news items about the Forest Boundary and updated nights away.
  • Jun 11th - Added news items about D of E awards and bring-a-friend awards.
  • Jun 4th - Added article about 3GP's birthday.
  • May 30th - Added water camp news item.
    Added outdoor plus and comunity challenge scout badge charts
    updated nights away.
  • May 7th - Added Beaver Sports, Franklin Shield, Dyer cup and Practice Camp news items.
  • May 2nd - Added Campers Activity badge and Chief Scouts Gold Award pages.
    Updated Nights Away page.
  • Apr 17th - Added YL Investitures. Added new verses to the Hi-Tech Oh you'll never go to heaven verse generator. Updated badge charts.
  • Mar 6th - Added Creative Challenge and Outdoor Challenge Pages.
  • Mar 6th - Added Michael's Winter camp report and note about survival camp.
  • Feb 15th - Added Chess.
  • Feb 13th - Added 2005 to the Menu.
  • Jan 14th - Added Winter Camp Pictures to home page.
  • Nov 30th - Split out new archive page.
  • Nov 29th - Added Canal Camp Report.
    Added cyclocross and remembrance sunday
    Updated the calendar.
  • Nov 15th - Added New 3GP cubs to nights away.
  • Nov 7th - Added Survival to summer camp report.
  • Oct 27th - Added Canal Boat picture.
    Added cooking competition.
    Added Jack Petchy picture
  • Oct 6th - Added Stubbers Nights Away.
  • Oct 2nd - Added Sailing to camp report.
    Added fire station visits.
  • Sep 20th - Added Climbing to camp report.
  • Sep 19th - Added Langdale to camp report.
  • Aug 30th - Added Go green VI including bat watching.
  • Aug 27th - Added Family Quiz Note.
    Updated calendar.
  • Aug 14th - Added Summer camp is over Note.
  • July 18th - Items on main news page for St Ursula's School fair, County Canoe Race and Group BBQ added.
    News items for May and June archived to separate page.
  • July 4th - Item on main page added showing our first Chief Scout award being presented and SL Mark receiving his wood badge.
  • June 28th - New items added to on-line calendar.





  • 15-Jul-2000 - domain name registered by members of the Rowswell Venture Unit and pointed at the RVU Online website. Website started showing group news not just old Venture Scout expedition logs.