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HQ. The Rowswell Hall, St Michaels Church, Gidea Park.
 Beavers (6 - 8 years) Tues & Fri | Cubs (8 - 10.5) Tues & Fri | Scouts (10.5 - 14) 7:30 Thur


  • Feb 9th - Added two more golds and the Forest Boundary Hike to the Romford Trophies page.
  • Jan 29th - 2nd Video news of the year with the Scouts Magic week and Beavers making 3D pictures.
  • Jan 22nd - 1st update of the year. Winter Camp.


  • Dec 27th - Update to summer camp page.
  • Dec 15th - Added lots of news items
  • Dec - 9th - Updated History of Scouting in Romford.
  • Dec 5th - Added team building vid
  • Dec 3rd - News Updates
  • Nov 24th - Refreshed more pages in the building of the hall extension.
  • Nov 23rd - Refreshed more pages in the building of the hall extension.
  • Nov 22nd - Filled in some gaps on the Summer Camps Page.
  • Nov 14th - Added news item about Beavers and Pets at home.
  • Nov 18th - Added news item re church parade, the Scouts face painting and updated photoes from the building of the hall project page.
  • Nov 6th - Added news item about Beavers and Lush.
  • Oct 19th - Added Scout news.
  • Sep 16th - Added more expedition pictures for 1993
  • Sep 12th - Added summer camp pictures for 1952, 1991 and 1998
  • Sep 9th - Added pictures to the 1960 expedition and 1959 expedition.
  • Aug 29th - Added summer video.
  • Aug 10th - Added summer meeting news item.
  • Aug 2nd - Finished summer camp 2018 page with details of the Kinder storm and finished the refresh of the summer camp 2001 page. (Now for the 1990s!)
  • Aug 1st - Tidied and spell checked the summer camp page after all the ad-hoc updates made from camp. Added an extra day and a few other pictures to the page, more to follow.
  • Jul 20 - Added Scout Summer Camp page.
  • Jul 16 - Added Beaver news item.
  • Jul 15 - Added Scout Long Wet Summer Video.
  • Jul 14 - Added two weeks of Scout News.
  • Jun 26 - Added news item for Thriftwood. Refreshed summer camp 2002 report. Added 2001 to the summer camps page.
  • Jun 23 - Re-added some summer camp 2002 reports and updated summer camps page. 15 years of history now.
  • Jun 19 - Tidied flannel panel. Added new use for a neckar - the first new entry in 11 years. Where is our imagination! Went back to 2010 on Summer Camps page.
  • Jun 18 - Added new news articles + new camp medi form. Added summer camp page.
  • May 19 - Added new news articles.
  • May 18 - Updated privacy notice.
  • May 17 - Rebranded with new logo and font. Badge charts removed ahead of GDPR, they are not up to date.
  • Apr 26 - After years we have finally got around to putting the old logs back online.
  • Apr 24 - Added St Georges Day.
  • Apr 01 - Added news items.
  • Mar 06 - Added swim gala results, added scouts in snow shelters news, added old district tropies page to our web site.
  • Feb 11 - Archived 2017 and added 2018 news.
  • Mar 23rd - Added news from Beavers.
  • Mar 18th - Archived 2016 news items and added winter camp.
  • Feb/March Changed domain name management providor.
  • Jan - Scout badge updates.
  • November 8th - News update.
  • July 14th - Finally sorted out new badge page, CS gold and some new challenge badges.
  • May 5th - Added spring camp news item and video.
  • March 6th - News Update.
  • Feb - Reformat of Home Page.
  • Dec 7th - News updates.
  • Aug 13th - Summer Camp updates.
  • May 9th - Gradual replacement of frames based pages with server side includes.
  • Apr 3rd - News update.
  • Feb 6th - More Video Uploads.
  • Jan 18th - News update.
  • Dec 21st - History and Projects update.
  • Dec 21st - News and badge update
  • Nov 1st - News and badge update
  • Oct 16th - News and badge update
  • Sep 20th - News Update
  • Sep 7th - Summer Camp Video Update
  • Aug 7th - Summer Camp Badge Update
  • July & Aug - Summer Camp News Updates
  • Mar 30th - Added our first video!
  • Mar 15th - News and Badge update
  • Feb 28th - Badge update
  • Feb 19th - News update
  • Feb 23rd - Added group calendar
  • Nov 22th - News update
  • Nov 19th - Scout Badge update
  • Nov 4th - News update and scout badge update
  • Aug 16th - News update Summer Camp and August meetings.
  • Jul 19th - Big news update and Scout Badge Updates and Summer Camp update.
  • Jun 16th - Big news update and Scout Badge Updates.
  • May 6th - News update spring camp.
  • May 1st - Badge update after spring camp.
  • Mar 31st - News update - Beaver sleep over and Scout Night Hike and badge update
  • Mar 6th - News update
  • Sep 9th - Added news items re cooking and Kubadoo
  • Aug 24th - Added details of Havering Show, Tree Climbing and a summer camp picture.
  • Aug 11th - Masive Badge Update after summer camp.
  • Jul 13th - A different kind of torch.
  • Jul 4th - Updated badge charts and news items.
  • Jun 16th - Added Scouts Crow, Beavers Sleepover news items.
  • May 14th - Updated whats going on at 3GP.
  • May 6th - Added lots of new items.
  • March 2th Added AGM, Church Parade and winter camp news items. Updated Javascript menues for 2012. Archived last of 2011 news items off home page.
  • March 6th Added three new news items from 2011
  • March 3rd Archived most of 2011's news items onto archive news pages and added new news item.
  • Sep 11th - 10 Downing Street news update.
  • Sep 6th - Jambo news update.
  • Aug 28th - Summer camp news update.
  • Aug 8th - Massive News update.
  • Aug 6th - 21 badge charts updated after summer camp.
  • Mar 28th - Added AGM and Beaver Sleepover news items.
  • Feb 12th - Put neckerchief border on home page. Added badge work, orionteering and quiz news items.
  • Jan 30th - Started New Year with Winter Camp and Orienteering. New style to news items frames.
  • Dec 1st - Bunker News Update
  • Nov 22nd - Big News Update
  • Oct 30th - Nights Away Badge Chart Update. Moved the uniform for some of our Scouts who are moving on into the Back of the Wardrobe. New Explorer Uniforms soon!
  • Sep 4th - Scouts summer camp report completed.
  • Aug 31st - Added lots more summer camp stuff and Havering Show.
  • Aug 13th - Added playing with trains news item and first 4 days of summer camp report!
  • Aug 6th - Big badge upadate after summer camp.
  • Jul 12th - Last Badge upadate before summer camp. Added Canoe Race and Raphael Park news item. Archived April and May news.
  • Jun 2nd - Added Barton and Crow news items. Updated badge charts.
  • Jun 13th - Updated Promise Challenge. Added Canoing level 1 final news item. Added We've got a badge for that strap line.
  • May 16th - Added loads of news and badge updates.
  • Apr 15th - Added 1st Aid Level 4 badge Chart.
  • Mar 26th - Added cubs to Nights Away and Hikes Away badge charts. Added Cubs to Virtual Wardrobe. Added Silver CSA Progress Chart.
  • Mar 20th - Added Night Hike news item. Added Librarian badge. Big badge chart update.
  • Mar 14th - Masive Badge Update and added Expedition Challenge. Added "the back of the wardrobe!"
  • Mar 5th - Added AGM news item.
  • Feb 7th - Updated Orienteering and Adventure Challenge badge charts.
  • Jan 30th - Added Patrol badges to the badge page. (So the leaders know which one is which!) Added description of uniform to uniform page.
  • Jan 19th - Updated badges and added winter camp and eating contest news items.
  • Dec 5th - Updated badges and added cyclocross and badge news items.
  • Nov 29th - Added news items for YL Awards and four new badges to charts.
  • Nov 18th - Added news items for climbing, cubado and Gold CSA.
  • Sep 9th - Added Last couple of days of summer camp.
  • Aug 31st - Added days 8 - 11 to summer camp report.
  • Aug 26th - Added middle of day 7 to summer camp report.
  • Aug 25th - Added day 6 and start of 7 to summer camp report.
  • Aug 19th - Added start of day 5 to camp report.
  • Aug 9th - Added Summer Camp return news item and updated 22 badge charts.
  • JUL 24th - Summer Camp Advance party news item.
  • JUL 11th - Added quiz news item and archived Mar - May.
  • JUL 8th - Added railway news item.
  • JUL 5th - Added rafting news item.
  • JUN 28th - Added Barton News item and updated some badge charts.
  • JUN 26th - Added Summer Camp Countdown.
  • APR 10th - Added CS Gold new item and updated badge charts.
  • MAR 23rd - Added night hike and Young Citizens awards news items.
  • FEB 11th - Added Swimmers staged badge charts and Chief Scout Gold news item.
  • FEB 20th - Fixed issues with badge chart and added nights away to wardrobe.
  • FEB 14th - Added Virtual Wardrobe and chess news item.
  • JAN 19th - Added winter camp.
  • JAN 6th - Restored the Venture Room refit to the projects page.
  • JAN 4th - Updated calendar for new year.
  • OCTOBER 25th - Added news items for Cubs at the bunker. Updated badge charts.
  • OCTOBER 21st - Added news items for new term. Updated badge charts.
  • SEPTEMBER 10th - Added two new badges.
  • AUGUST 9th - Updated badge charts after Summer Camp.
  • JULY 23rd - Added details of autumn quiz night and Scout Navigator Badge.
  • JULY 16th - Updated latest news page and badge charts.
  • JULY 6th - Added Chief Scout Golds and JP Awards.
  • JUNE 28th - Added trains.
  • JUNE 24th - Updated badge charts.
  • JUNE 24th - Updated badge charts.
  • MAY 10th - Added Scouts Franklin + Beaver Sports news items. Added camp cook badge chart and updated all other badges.
  • JAN 22nd - Added winter camp report and updated badge charts.
  • JAN 15th - Added joining form to our dowloadable forms section.
  • JAN 7th - Added new Scout Challenge Badge and progress chart.Updated calendar page with 2008 events.
  • JAN 6th - Moved site to new host. Added news items re cyclo cross and bedfords. Updated most badge charts. Changed chief Scout Gold Award page to reflect new requirements.
  • OCT 29th - Added Sailing news item. Updated badge charts.
  • OCT 21st - Added Cooking Comp, Tate and badge updates.
  • OCT 13th - Added Kubadoo and JP Certs.
  • Sep 9th - Added Lisa and Garry's weeding.
  • Aug 21st - Added, County Activity Day, Summer Camp, Sunrise and Jamboree news items, updated badge pages.
  • June 13th - Added bedfords to home page.
  • June 02nd - Added uniform page.
  • May 19th - Added news items for St Georges day, cub camp and Franklin. Archived March and April.
  • May 16th - Updated badge charts after cub camp and franklin and added new badge charts.
  • Apr 22nd - Updated badge charts after bedfords and St George.
  • Apr 16th - Updated badge charts after skills camp.
  • Apr 12th - Added Brownsea picture report.
  • Apr 11th - Added Brownsea news item and updated badge charts.
  • Mar 25th - Added May at Bedfords and updated to Pioneers and Century badge charts.
  • Mar - 18th Archived Feb page
    Added news items for YLs doing D of E Expeditions, County Chess and record meeting attendance, Narrow Boat camp, The Red Nose Day Night Hike.
    Updated Nights Away, Adventure Challenge and Hikes Away Badge Charts.
  • Mar 3rd - Archived Jan. Added news items for founders day, Akela's last meeting and Feb at Bedfords.
  • Feb 13th - Some Scout badge chart updates. Added News Item re Chief Scout, Chess and Southern 50.
  • Jan 24rd - Lots of Scout badge chart updates.
  • Jan 23rd - Added another use of a neckar.
  • Jan 22nd - Added Thorry pics and updated nights away.
  • Jan 08th - Added Winter Camp News Item, Added Scouting Mag picture article. Updated archive news menues with new year, updated badge charts.
  • Dec 04th - Added cyclo-cross.
  • Nov 27th - Updated go for 100 chart.
  • Oct 25th - Added Jack Petchey Awards and new Hikes Away Badge.
  • Oct 21st - Added news items Cooking, Comp & Climbing and updated 2007 go for a century badge chart.
  • Sep 27th - Added Michlemas fair news item and 2007 go for a century badge chart. Updated Challenge Badge Charts.
  • Aug 23rd - Added camp fire to summer camp report.
  • Aug 20th - Added more new pages to summer camp report.
  • Aug 16th - Added new pages to summer camp report.
  • Aug 15th - Added News items about summer camp and details of Quiz Night.
  • July 17th - Added News items about canoe race and updated fitness challenge and CS gold award badge pages.
  • July 15th - Added News items about BBQ and Chief Scout Golds and added fitness challenge badge chart and updated others.
  • June 19th - Updated Nights Away, added news item RE. Canoing. Added Three trophies in three days news items.
  • May 1st - Updated style sheet with new link styles. Added Franklin, St George and practice day. Archived Jan to March. Updated badge charts.
  • Apr 27th - Updated medical form, added parents guide to troop.
  • Apr 21st - Spelling corrections on home page and added notes about group fund raising events.
  • Apr 20th - Added Easter Camp news item, updated web site policy.
  • Apr 19th - Updated badge charts.
  • Apr 13th - Updated hiker and adventure badge charts and added Hill Walker badge chart.
  • Apr 09th - Added survival camp, night hike, county chess and swimming gala to latest news page and updated nights away. Well done to the following for gaining Nights Away badges - Arron 1, Talyor 5, Josh 10 and Olly 50
  • Mar 22nd - Updated nights away and other badges. Removed old items from whats happening section on home page.
  • Feb 14th - Added 2006 menu. added chess.
  • Jan 22nd - Added more winter camp pictures and January Hike News.
  • Jan 16th - Updated Home page with note about Jumble and AGM.
  • Jan 9th - Updated Nights Away Page, Added Winter Camp news item.
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  • Jan 2nd - Updated Know Your Knots Page. Added Cyclocross pictures and December Hike pictures. Finished Summer Camp report.
  • Nov 27th - Updated Pioneer, Outdoor Plus and CD Gold badge charts.
  • Nov 20th - Added Bazzar. Updated Pioneering Badge, Archived September and October.
  • Nov 15th - Added Canal Boat Camp and Chief Scout Award Presentations, tidied up first archive news page.
  • Nov 6th - Added Orienteering Badge Page and moved badge links to separate page.
  • Oct 18th - Added burger challenge to summer camp report.
  • Oct 16th - Added cub camp, orienteering, cooking and Kubado.
  • Oct 15th - Added new links page. Removed note about birthday.
  • Sep 25th - Updated calendar., Added Popin's visit, added polo shirt details. Added what's happening panel. Added link to 3gp cubs, national scout web site and KISC.
  • Sep 9th - Added Snowdon Dawn Hike, Survival and Horse riding to Happy valley hike.
  • Sep 7th - Added Cat & Rockets to troop summer camp report.
  • Aug 30th - Added Havering Show. Added day at Barmouth to summer camp report.
  • Aug 22nd - Added river walk and Waun-Oer hike to summer camp report.
  • Aug 21st - Added summer camp news item and first page of report.
  • Aug 17th - Updated Scout Badge Pages.
  • July 24th - Added news items about the canoe exam, the county canoe race, the gimi 5 challenge. Updated nights away and added two new badges.
  • July 5th - Added news items about the canoe course and the Harrow Lodge Fun Run.
  • Jun 21st - Added news items about the Forest Boundary and updated nights away.
  • Jun 11th - Added news items about D of E awards and bring-a-friend awards.
  • Jun 4th - Added article about 3GP's birthday.
  • May 30th - Added water camp news item.
    Added outdoor plus and comunity challenge scout badge charts
    updated nights away.
  • May 7th - Added Beaver Sports, Franklin Shield, Dyer cup and Practice Camp news items.
  • May 2nd - Added Campers Activity badge and Chief Scouts Gold Award pages.
    Updated Nights Away page.
  • Apr 17th - Added YL Investitures. Added new verses to the Hi-Tech Oh you'll never go to heaven verse generator. Updated badge charts.
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  • Mar 6th - Added Michael's Winter camp report and note about survival camp.
  • Feb 15th - Added Chess.
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  • Nov 30th - Split out new archive page.
  • Nov 29th - Added Canal Camp Report.
    Added cyclocross and remembrance sunday
    Updated the calendar.
  • Nov 15th - Added New 3GP cubs to nights away.
  • Nov 7th - Added Survival to summer camp report.
  • Oct 27th - Added Canal Boat picture.
    Added cooking competition.
    Added Jack Petchy picture
  • Oct 6th - Added Stubbers Nights Away.
  • Oct 2nd - Added Sailing to camp report.
    Added fire station visits.
  • Sep 20th - Added Climbing to camp report.
  • Sep 19th - Added Langdale to camp report.
  • Aug 30th - Added Go green VI including bat watching.
  • Aug 27th - Added Family Quiz Note.
    Updated calendar.
  • Aug 14th - Added Summer camp is over Note.
  • July 18th - Items on main news page for St Ursula's School fair, County Canoe Race and Group BBQ added.
    News items for May and June archived to separate page.
  • July 4th - Item on main page added showing our first Chief Scout award being presented and SL Mark receiving his wood badge.
  • June 28th - New items added to on-line calendar.
Thursday 26/1/2012

Chief Inspector David Hay visited the 3rd Gidea Park Scouts to present a framed certificate to the troop in recognition of the work they had done for the community challenge badge.

The first time our PCSO visited the troop to introduce herself to the leaders; the scouts drifted to the opposite end of the room and more or less ignored her. A lot changed over the coming months.