Campsite 15 is what we asked for and campsite 15 is what we got.  Unfortunately campsite 15 is a lot smaller than it used to be because a ramp has been constructed at one end to give access to another camp site.

Pitching Camp.

 So it was very cozy as can be seen from the above picture of us putting the tents up.

The perfect Kitchen Shelter (apparently)
 Deciding what tents to take and then where to put them is a mammoth task.  Before they get packed we have to check them all for damages and missing parts.

 The last thing we want to do is turn up on a wet day in Kandersteg to find that you have a broken tent pole. (Been there done that!)

 Despite this rigorous checking of all canvas, we still arrived on Site with Duncan's uniform packed in one of the tents.  It has been missing since last summer camp!

 The ventures decided to demark there kitchen area with a fence.  This they finished off with a gate that closed itself by the weight of a rock tied to a strategically placed bit of string.  Ingenious.

 The Gate architects.
The scouts kitchen.

 There have been times when we have been to Switzerland and its been hot and sunny.  You always get some rain, normally a thunderstorm but generally its hot and sunny.

 Not this year.  I can only think of two days that it didn't rain.

View from leaders tent.
After two days the campsite was like a bog and we had to place walking boards down.  Digging trenches to drain the water only makes the place more muddy.
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