All is quiet.

 The ventures discovered after a quick history lesson from the staff, that the campsite is built on rocky spoil from the building of the Lotchenberg tunnel.  The layer of clayish mud on top is only a few feet deep.  If you drive a metal stake right through it and then remove it, water drains away like its running down a plug hole. 

So the Ventures and leaders spent several hours knocking a dirty great steal stake into the ground in strategic places.

Some of the holes needed to be placed inside of the tents!  Eventually with a combination of walking boards and sink holes most of the site became livable although getting in and out of the camp site without getting sucked into the mud was a bit challenging.

The Ventures cooking

 Now, wood smoke makes your eyes water.  And there is a theory that by wearing goggles protects your eyes from the smoke and stops them watering.  

 But the smoke just goes up your nose and has the same effect.

 Mike cooks.
The Ventures kitchen.

 Either that or the kitchen was flooded again.  

This is a sign of an organized patrol.  The dinner is on, the fire is going good and there is nothing that needs doing so all can sit about doing nothing.

 Now the leaders were so busy that they just didn't have any time to keep there tent tidy.  Despite this mayhem it was still a lot better than the scouts tent!
The leaders tent.
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