The Kiplin Shield is the Venture Scout and Explorer Scout equivalent of the Franklin Shield.

19972nd Romford Vanguard Venture Scout Unit
20013rd Gidea Park Rowswell Venture Unit
20023rd Gidea Park Rowswell Venture Unit
2004Unit J Explorer Scout Unit
2005Unit M Explorer Scout Unit
2006Unit M Explorer Scout Unit
2007Unit M Explorer Scout Unit
2008Unit M Explorer Scout Unit
2010Unit A Explorer Scout Unit
2011Unit A Explorer Scout Unit
2012Unit A Explorer Scout Unit
2013Unit J Explorer Scout Unit
2015Unit J Explorer Scout Unit

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2001 3rd Gidea Park Rowswell Venture Unit's infamous picket gate painstakingly made from wood found on the wood pile with working self-closing mechanism. Fortunately there was no requirement in the rules for a matching fence so this monument stood alone in the middle of the camp site.


2004. Unit J become the first Explorer Unit to win the Kipling Shield.

200620062006 Unit M are winners with a team of ex 19th Romford, 2nd Romford and 21st Romford Scouts.

200720072007 Unit M have two equally matched teams for inspection.

2008 and Unit M win again. Some of these competitors have taken part in more Kiplin Shields than Franklin Shields. But there are also a couple of previouse Franklin winners in there.

2010 The one man Unit M team would probably have won if he hadn't spent so much time helping the Unit A team and a team of struggling Scouts.

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