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In 1921, David Lloyd George was Prime Minister and King George the 5th was on the Throne. Closer to home, Thomas England became Mayor of Romford Urban District Council and Charlie Chaplain's "The Kid" was doing well at the Laurie Cinema. In the Romford Charity Cup Final, Romford Central were beaten 1-0 by Records United of Brentwood at the Great Eastern Railway Athletic Association's ground.

In 1921 there were probably about six Scout troops in Romford. Brigadier-General C.H. de Rougemont was DC for Mid-Essex and Romford District and the ADC for Romford was The Reverend Charles Steer M.C., who was Vicar of St. Andrews, Hornchurch.

1921 was also the first time that the Franklin Challenge Shield was presented to the wining Troop of an annual competition held as part of a St Georges Day Competition. It has been contested 83 times since which must make it one of the oldest trophies in our County. The trophy consists of a large wooden shield 16 inches (43cm) high. At its centre is a hallmarked silver shield titling it as the Franklin Challenge Shield of the Romford and District B.P. Scouts Association.

The winners each add a small engraved shield. In the early years these had the troop name and the name of the Scout Master (SM) engraved on them. Up until the early 1940s it was very much a troop competition but by the mid fifties it had become a patrol competition with the name of the winning patrol engraved. From 1974 onwards the name of the winning patrol leader was also engraved along with the Scout Leader's name. The leaders name was dropped from the mid 80s and by the mid 90s we were squeezing the name of the APL on the little shields as well.

With all these names, the Franklin Shield is a bit of a who's who of Scouting in Romford down the years. 1st Romford were the first winners with DC Mackness as Scout Master. Mr Mackness along with F. W. Ashby of the 2nd Romford were the first two Scouters in Romford District and it was Mr Ashby's name that graces the shield in 1922 when the 1st and 2nd Romford tied the contest. E Davies being Scout Master of the 1sts.

During the 30s and 40s the Franklin shield was presented to a lot of Groups no longer with us either due to closure or migration to other Districts. Both the 7th and 12th Romford Royal Liberty School troops won it a few times between them. The 1st Gidea Park whom are now known as 2nd Squirrels Heath were regular winners in the 1930's. 1st Emerson Park and 1st and 3rd Harold wood were all winners in the 1940's.

By the 1960s we start seeing names more familiar to a lot of us. In 1964 Dennis Rolls was SM of 2nd Collier Row and in 1965 R. Barton gets his name on the Trophy. The Ron Barton Challenge is another trophy that is still contested annually by the Scouts of our District. W J Adams was GSL of 2nd Romford when they won in 1969. The Bill Adams Trophy for Orienteering is also still contested annually. J.B. Warren of 1st Harold Hill makes an appearance in 1974. A remarkable feat from 1989 to 1992 was master J Godden winning the trophy three times as PL! 2007 was also a note worthy year with our first female PL winning however Miss Skipworth isn't the first woman to win. Way back in 1924 the trophy was presented to the Newbury Park section of 2nd Romford with Mrs. N. Shelford as Scout Mistress!

We even have examples of multiple generations of the same family being named on the trophy as last year's winning APL M Reeve of 3rd Gidea Park is a descendant of A Reeve whose name graces the trophy as SM of 3rd Collier Row during the late 50s.

These are just a few of the familiar names on the trophy however there is one name that we know absolutely nothing about. Franklin. Who was he or she and why did they present us with a trophy?

There was an R. Franklin on the Romford Urban District Council in 1919 and at the same time a Mr Richard Franklin was recorded in the Romford Directory as living at 22 Heath Drive, Gidea Park. It's tempting to believe that Richard is our man but we will probably never know.

1937 Report.

The Franklin Shield Competition was run on similar lines to last year, with the exception that for the "Surprise Test" an "Observation Test" was substituted. This was held at Woodlands prior to the final night. Mr. Crisp and Mr. Brown collaborated to produce, with the assistance of Mr. Watson, a very striking outdoor test (on the lines of the First Class estimation) which embraces many opportunities of testing each Scout's efficiency in estimation. The Scouts were told a moving Wild Wrest story, culminating in a murder. Woodlands represented the scene of the crime and all the clues necessary to detect the criminal were artfully disposed here and there for those who would search. Local colour was provided by the use of prodigious foot-prints and blank cartridges. The Scouts were required to examine all the clues for a certain period after which several questions had to be answered. Apart from this innovation—which has been desdribed at length because of its novelty—the competition was as last year.

The Shield was won by the 1st Gidea Park Troop and after vicissitudes which shall remain unspecified, was presented to them on the following day at the St. George's Day Parade. The 12th Romford Troop were the runners-up.


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Year Group SM/SL Patroal PL APL
1921 1st Romford DC Mackness
1922 1st Romford E Davies
& 2nd Romford FW Ashby
1924 2nd Romford (Newbury Park Section) N Shelford
1925 2nd Romford FW Ashby
1926 1st Romford FH Davies
& 7th Romford (RLS) SB Hartley
1928 8th Romford W Gable
1929 9th Romford SG Graham
1930 1st Gidea Park R.L.Eltham (SM)
1931 1st Gidea Park J.R. Poel (G.S.M.)
1932 1st Gidea Park J.H. Sharman (A.S.M)
1933 1st Gidea Park A.R.Tilston (A.S.M.)
1934 8th Romford F.E.Koester (G.S.M)
1935 13th Romford A.Cheetham (S.M.)
1936 13th Romford S.Bragg (A.S.M)
1937 1st Gidea Park A.R.Tilston (S.M.)
1938 1st Gidea Park F.T.Wenborn (A.S.M)
1939 12th Romford (RLS) J.Morley (S.M.)
1942 1st Harold Wood F.W.Edwards (A.S.M)
1944 1st Harold Wood F.W.Edwards (S.M) Lion C Davis
1945 3rd Harold Wood R.C.Vickers (G.S.M)
1946 1st Emerson Park A.Corben (S.M.)
1948 1st Romford E.C.Baskett (G.S.M)
1949 7th Romford (RLS) J.E.Moore (SM)
1950 12th Romford (RLS) J.Morley (S.M.)
& 10th Romford J.V.Jones (S.M.)
1951 2nd Romford G.Clarke (A.S.M)
1952 12th Romford (RLS) J.Morley (S.M.)
1953 1st Havering J. Fogg (G.S.M)
1955 7th Romford (RLS) J.E.Moore (SM) Woodpecker
1956 2nd Romford S.Feldwick (S.M) Owl
1958 3rd Collier Row A.A.Reeve Tiger
1959 3rd Collier Row A.A.Reeve Rattlesnake
1960 13th Romford A.Peacock
1961 3rd Collier Row A.A.Reeve Tiger
1962 7th Romford (RLS) J.C.Tarrant Bulldog
1963 2nd Romford F.Potter (S.M) Panther
1964 2nd Collier Row D.H. Rolls B' Spring Patrol
1965 10th Romford R.Barton Falcon
1966 3rd Gidea Park A.C.A Matthews (S.M.) Falcon
1967 8th Romford B.A. Richards (S.L.) Tiger
1969 2nd Romford W.J.Adams Owl
1970 8th Romford D.C.Perry Panther
1971 8th Romford D.C.Perry Panther
1972 8th Romford R.J.Young Stag
1973 4th Gidea Park R.J. Dansey (S.L)
1974 1st Harold Hill J.B.Warren (G.S.L.) M.Smith
1975 2nd Romford T.J.Speller Kestrels A.Smith
1978 2nd Collier Row D.H. Rolls Kestrels C.Davies (A.P.L)
1979 3rd Gidea Park T.Lawrence (S.L) Hawks G.Edwards (P.L.)
1980 2nd Collier Row A.F. Geach (S.L.) Kestrels C.Davies (P.L)
1981 2nd Romford P.Leeper (S.L.) Owl A.Beaumont
1982 6th Romford J.Ellis Lions
1983 4th Collier Row Hawk A.Fearn
1984 4th Collier Row Lion R.Green
1985 3rd Havering Bulldog J.Wapling
& 2nd Romford Owls G.Simms
1986 1st Romford Otter J.Graham
1987 2nd Collier Row Bulldog P.Marshall
1988 11th Romford Kestrel D.Smith
1989 2nd Romford Owl J.Godden
1990 2nd Romford Owl B.Guynan
1991 2nd Romford Eagle J.Godden
1992 2nd Romford Eagle J.Godden
1993 19th Romford Bulldog K Greenwood J.Farnes
1994 19th Romford Wolves R.Reeve C.K-Watson
1995 2nd Romford Eagle S.Tovel I Whitty
1996 19th Romford Cobra G.Leadham C.Keeble-Watson
1997 3rd Collier Row Kestrels M.Foster (S.P.L.)
1998 19th Romford Cobra D.Rodgers A.Masterson (A.P.L)
1999 3rd Havering A.Mann Lions G.Charlton
2000 2nd Romford Eagles D.Matson(S.P.L.) R.Taylor (P.L)
2001 3rd Havering A.J.Mann Stags D.Smith
2002 3rd Havering A.J.Mann Stags D.Smith
2003 3rd Gidea Park Ravens S.Finch M.Shanahan
2004 3rd Gidea Park (Results) Cobra V.Lunnon J.Gildea
2005 3rd Gidea Park (Results) Hawks M.Isaacs C.Bassett
2006 3rd Gidea Park (Results) Hawks M.Isaacs T.Sandberg
2007 3rd Collier Row Lions Anna Skipworth
2008 3rd Gidea Park Wolves C.Wren C.King
2009 3rd Collier Row (Results) Cobra C.Merritt J.Smith
2010 3rd Gidea Park (Results) Meerkat G.Swann G.Eklund
2011 3rd Gidea Park (Results) Dragon G.Eklund M.Reeve
2012 2nd Romford (Results) Wood Eagle Owls R. Leeper B. Raymont
2013 2nd Romford (Results) Wood Eagle Owls R. Leeper M. Burke
2014 21st Romford(Results) The Girls Patrol J. Mortimer A. Sullivan
2015 2nd Romford (Results) Eagles K. Sadler D Hunt.
2016 2nd Romford (Results) Eagles M. Leeper TBC
2017 2nd Romford (Results) ? ? ?
2018 2nd Romford (Results) Three and a half Scouts They hadn't decided. TBC
2019 2nd Romford (Results) Owl & the Eagles   TBC
2020 Cancelled due to Covid 19
2021 Cancelled due to Covid 19 (Would have been 100th anniversary)
2022 Practice event held due to 2 year break.
2023 21st Romford (Results) Bulldogs   TBC

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2nd Romford 22 1
3rd Gidea Park 9 2
1st Gidea Park (2nd Squirrel's Heath)63
3rd Collier Row63
8th Romford 63
1st Romford 56
2nd Collier Row 4 7
3rd Havering 4 7
7th Romford (RLS) 4 7
19th Romford 4 7
12th Romford (RLS) 3 11
13th Romford 3 11
21st Romford 2 13
1st Harold Wood (9th Squirrel's Heath) 2 13
4th Collier Row2 13
10th Romford213
1st Emerson Park (7th Squirrel's Heath)1 16
1st Harold Hill 1 16
1st Havering 1 16
2nd Romford (Newbury Park Section) 1 16
3rd Harold Wood ( ?th Squirrel's Heath) 1 16
4th Gidea Park 1 16
6th Romford 1 16
9th Romford 1 16
11th Romford1 16

NOTE 21st Romford was formed by the merger of 8th and 13th Romford groups. If you add the number of 21st Romford wins (2) to the number 8th Romford had (6) the total (8) would lift them to 3rd in the leader board. If you add 13th Romford's total (3) too it would lift them to 2nd. 11th and 1st Romford merged. Adding thair totals would place them 3rd.

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