The 3rd Gidea Park Automated Ghost Story Generator

Any scout leader worth his salt has a whole array of cunning plans to call upon when it comes to getting rowdy scouts to turn in and go to sleep whilst on camp. One of these choice tools is to tell the Scouts a ghost story. However our Group Scout leader, like any descent Scout Leader refuses to tell ghost stories on camp. He only tells ghost truths.

But telling Ghost truths takes a lot of research and preplanning, we wouldn't want to be telling scouts inaccurate information. The problem is that our new Scout Leaders are not very good at the research part so to help them and we have designed this web page. The 3rd Gidea Park Automated Ghost Story Generator. An indispensable guide for all Scout Leaders.

Name Of Scout Who Meets Miserable End

Name Of Your Patrol

Name Of Camp Site

Name of PL

Name of Spook

A blunt Object

Last nights dinner

Any resemblance of a story generated by this web page to one of the GSL Allen Matthew's meticulously researched Ghost Truths is purely coincidental.
None of the paranormal occurrences described here reflect any actual events or persons.