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BP logs onto our web site and answers the Scout's questions. NOTE: 3rd Gidea Park don't necessarily agree with all of BP's comments, they are of their time.


BP, The economy is in a mess and the government don't seem to be sorting it out. What's your opinion of our government.

Too many fellows go in for public work purely because they have the gift of the gab or some half-baked notion of how government should be run, though they have no experience or real knowledge of the matter.

 Labour has gradually and steadily raised itself on its merits as a National institution, through the work of a succession of far-seeing men.  Its members have been handicapped by extremist jackals yapping round them and trying to divert them to more violent methods.

When you come to the age of twenty-one you have, as a citizen, the privilege of voting for the member to represent your district in Parliament.  You ought to make yourself efficient to be able to take this responsibility and to play in your place in the great game of Citizenship.

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BP, Loads of girls are joining the3rd Gidea Park Scout Troop and now I have one as a PL.  What should I do?

The danger is the risk of forgetting the chivalry due to women.  The knights of old were bound by their oath to be chivalrous to women and children.

 This means on the part of the man a deep respect and tender sympathy for them, coupled with a manly strength of mind and strength of body with which to stand up for them against scandal, cruelty or ridicule, and even on occasion, to help them against their own failings.

 A man without chivalry is no man. 

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BP, what do you think of the Football Associations Decision to appoint a foreign Manager to the English National Team?

"My country before myself", should be your aim.  Probably if you ask yourself truly, you will find that at present you have got them just the other way about.  I hope, if it is so that you will from this moment put yourself right and remain so always.  Don't be content like the Romans were and some people now are to pay other people to play your football or to fight your battles for you.  Do something yourself to keep the Flag Flying!

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BP, Each week the Scout leaders moan at me to tuck my shirt in for inspection. I don't like the Scout Uniform.  What do you think of it?

 The Scout uniform is very much like the uniform worn by My men when I commanded the south African Constabulary.
 Each scout should wear a scarf or neckerchief which is folded into a triangle with the point at the back of the neck.  Every troop has its own scarf colour, and since the honour of your troop is bound up in the scarf, you must be very careful to keep it clean and tidy.  It is fastened at the throat by a knot or "woggle".  The scarf protects your neck from sunburn and has many purposes such as for a bandage or emergency rope.
 The scout shirt should be a free and easy thing, nothing is more comfortable when the sleeves are rolled up.  All scouts have there sleeves rolled up because it gives them greater freedom and it is a sign that they are about to carry out there motto.
Shorts are essential to hard work, to hiking and to camping.
The Scout kit, through its uniformity, now constitutes a bond of brotherhood (and sisterhood) among boys (and girls) across the world.
 The correct wearing of the uniform and smartness of turnout of the individual scout makes him (or her) a credit to our movement.  It shows his pride in himself (or herself) and in his troop. (or her troop!)
 One slovenly Scout, on the other hand, inaccurately dressed may let down the whole movement in the eyes of the public.  Show me such a fellow and I can show you one who has not grasped the true scouting spirit and who takes no pride in his membership of our great Brotherhood. (or sisterhood!)

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BP,  There has been a lot of coverage in the press this week about the future of the national lottery.  What is your opinion on Gambling?
Submitted by R. Branson

If you try to make money by easy means - that is by betting, say on a horse race - you are bound to lose after a time.  Nobody who makes bets ever wins in the end.  It is the bookmaker, the man who receives the bets, who scores.  Yet there are thousands of fools who go on putting their money on because they won a bit once or hope to win some day.

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BP, One of our Scout Leaders recently missed church parade because he had a hang over. What is your opinion on drinking?

 Some men drink because they like the feeling of getting half stupid, but they are fools, because once they take to drink no employer will trust them, and they soon become unemployed and easily get ill, and finally come to a miserable end.  There is nothing manly about getting drunk.  Once a man gives way to drink it ruins his health, his career and his happiness, as well as that of his family.  There is only one cure for this disease, and that is - never to get it.

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Is it wrong for a fellow to lust after the attentions of a foot spa after finishing one of our summer camp hikes. When feet are in so much pain but we still have to get dinner, surely this is normal behaviour?  Should we give in to temptation before pealing the spuds?

Smoking and drinking are things that tempt some fellows and not others, but there is one temptation that is pretty sure to come to you at one time or another, and I want just to warn you against it.

 You would probably be surprised how many boys have written to me thanking me for what I have written on this subject, so I expect there are more who will be glad of a word of advice against the secret vice which gets hold of so many fellows.  Smoking and drinking and gambling are men's vices and therefore attract some boys, but this secret vice is not a mans vice-men have nothing but contempt for a fellow who gives way to it

 But if you have any manliness in you, you will throw off such temptation at once. give yourself something else to think about.  It may seem difficult to overcome the temptation the first time, but when you have done so once it will be easier after-wards.

If you still have trouble about it, do not make a secret of it, but go to your scoutmaster and talk it over with him and all will come right. 

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All quotes are from Scouting For Boys or Rovering To Success.