Runouts is perhaps the most basic wide game and has many different variations.  At Gidea Park we play to our version of Association Rules Runouts. (That's Scout Association)  To allow us to develop and tune our tactical awareness of the game this simulator has been produced.


 You will first be asked to name your virtual team of six players which will include a PL, and APL and four Scouts.  Next you will have to brief them with the aid of a sketch map on the hall blackboard and tell them where to hide.  Whilst you are hiding the virtual PL of the opposing virtual team will be briefing his patrol and will place them in defensive positions.  The simulator using sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms developed after painstaking research in the 3rd Gidea Park labs will work out how many of your patrol gets home. 


Sardining (From the wide game Sardines) or hiding a group of your players or all of them in one place is permissible but just like in the real game of Runouts not always tactically beneficial.


Home base is a chair in the middle of the patio just outside the entrance to the Scout hall.
No defenders can be stationed on the patio. They can run in if chasing an attacker but only after the attacker has themselves run onto the patio.
Only two defenders can be positioned immediately in front of the patio area unless an attacking runner has entered that area.
No stepping on the church flower beds.
No running into moving vehicles.
Whilst hiding in the Explorer room is not against the rules it should be regarded as a very dangerous tactic and should only be attempted by the expert player.
Splashing defenders by jumping in puddles is considered expert revelry and whilst not gaining extra points is highly commendable play. Splashing leaders on the other hand will bring the game to an abrupt and premature end.