Bill Adams was DC of Romford District between 1971 and 1982. The Bill Adams Trophy is presented to the Scout Patrol that wins the District Orienteering competition. The trophy was contested 25 times between 1982 and 2006.

From the late 1980's through to 2004 the event took place in Epping Forest alternating the start between Chingford Plain and Staples Hill, Loughton. In 2005 the Romford Event was combined with a county event that took place on Chingford Plain and the Bill Adams Trophy was presented to the top team from Romford which happened to be the 2nd placed team from GLNE.

In 2006 the Orienteering competition was run in South Weald Country Park as the second day of the Barton Challenge event however it was also open to teams that didn't take part in the full Barton Challenge. In 2007 neither the Barton Challenge or the Orienteering took place and the Orienteering event didn't restart until 2010 when it continued in its original format as its own event now running at Eastbrookend Country Park. After a few years it was decided by the District Scout Sub that the relatively flat landscape of Eastbrookend wasn't diverse enough for a thorough navigation test, so the event was moved to Thorndon Country Park for 2014 and then South Weald for 2015. South Weald offers the mix of woodland, open manicured lawns, and scrubland. It has areas where navigation is defined by paths, others where it is defined by contours and water courses as well as open ground navigation.

In 2020 the Orienteering competition became the last district event to take place before all face-to-face Scouting paused due to the global Covid 19 pandemic. In 2021 it was skipped for that same reason with the 2022 event being this first post pandemic district event for Scouts.

Bill Adams

19823rd Havering
19836th Romford
1984 3rd Gidea Park
1985 3rd Gidea Park
1986 3rd Havering
1987 1st Romford
1988 11th Romford
1989 3rd Havering
1990 11th Romford
1991 3rd Gidea Park
1992 2nd Collier Row
1993 2nd Romford
1994 3rd Gidea Park
1995 3rd Gidea Park
1996 19th Romford
1997 3rd Havering
1998 3rd Havering
1999 3rd Havering
2000 2nd Collier Row
2001 3rd Havering
2002 4th Collier Row
2003 4th Collier Row
2004 2nd Romford
2005 3rd Gidea Park
2006 3rd Gidea Park
2010 2nd Romford (Results)
2011 3rd Gidea Park (Results)
2012 21st Romford (Results)
201321st Romford (Results)
20142nd Romford (Results)
20152nd Romford (Results)
20163rd Gidea Park(Results)
201721st Romford(Results)
20183rd Gidea Park(Results)
201921st Romford (Results)
20204th Collier Row(Results)
2021Cancelled due to Covid
2022 3rd Gidea Park (Results)

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TroopNumber of Wins
3rd Gidea Park 11
3rd Havering7
2nd Romford5
21st Romford4
4th Collier Row3
11th Romford2
2nd Collier Row2
1st Romford1
19th Romford1

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