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Work more or less stopped once our kit moved in during the summer of 1996. Not a whole lot of work was done until the summer of 1999.  Spurred on by the efforts of Dave and James in the RVU to evict the guides from their old store we decided to vacate our rubbish from their new store.

Mr. Bateman the guide leader's husband and Andy J size up the task ahead. In this picture they have just come to the realization that the new store is approximately three inches shorter than the old one.

Kitting out Guide store?

This revelation meant they would have to shave just over three inches off each bit of Dexion shelving. Not a fun task!

After a few days hasty work mainly by Mark the picture below depicts the state of the Guide store. Everyone else was working on the carnage that was developing in the Venture room.

Interior of the Guide store.

Years later the stock in the guide store was found to be riddled with woodworm. The equipment was culled and the guides took the oppourtunity to move back into what was origonally the Scout store, but was being rebuilt as a venture at the time these pictures were taken and had been used and vacated by the Explorers by the time the Guides moved back into it.

At the same time the guide store was fitted out, we constructed a gently sloping floor around what was to become the sink area - below. The idea being that any water spilt will just roll down a drain. Using the bitumen paint was a particularly mucky process.

The washing up area

Here James can be seen fitting the last bits of flooring into place. A new door step was also inserted.

James playing with the puzzle.

Of interest in the above picture is that this was before the work bench was fitted. We had a shelving unit in place. Also the 2nd tree outside can be seen on the grass. This was before the brick patio was created so the trees are still surrounded by grass.