We didn't spend the whole two weeks hiking.  Out third day there was spent climbing.  Rather than using the center's climbing hut, we prefer to go to a quarry at Bergholz near Wimmis.  Because the cliff faces in the quarry are man made, they have been blasted out of the hill, nobody complains when the owners place bolts and belay points all over them.

They also paint the name of the climbs on the rock at the bottom.

Scouts Climbing.

 So we are able to quickly and safely set up several climbs.

Danielle climbs. 
 Its surprising how many of our scouts hadn't climbed on real rocks before.  They regard Hargrieves, Thriftwood and Stubbers walls as rock climbing.  So for some, this was something new.

The altitude of this quarry is about 850m so over 300m lower than our campsite in Kanderstg. The hills around it are also much smaller than the hills around Kandersteg so the chances are that the weather here will be better and normally 6 or 7 degrees warmer. It is often very hot.

Dave makes sure she is safe at the top.
The Younger Ventures belay.

 We also teach the Ventures and older scouts how to belay.  This makes it more interesting for them and encourages them to get involved.  Hopefully they will eventually be inspired to take up climbing on there own.

The Scout, being, young, small, fit and irritatingly confident is a natural good climber.  Here he can be seen posing before getting too high on a long climb.
A Scout at the start of his climb.
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