The Portman Building Society Trophy for Scouting Skills (Portman cup) was donated by the Portman Building Society and was originally awarded to the Scout Patrol who scored the most points at an annual camp cooking competition. At some stage (probably at about the time of the re-introduction of the regular cooking competition) this event was combined with the Franklin Shield and the Portman cup was then presented to the Scout Patrol who scored the most points in the camp cooking elements of the Annual Franklin Shield competition.

19822nd Collier Row Lions
19832nd Coller Row Beavers
19841st Harold Hill Woodpeckers
198511th Romford Falcons
19866th Romford Wolves
19873rd Havering Stags
19883rd Havering Tigers & Stags
19891st Romford Stags
1990Scouts Go For a Million
19914th Collier Row Wolves
199211th Romford Eagles
199319th Romford Bulldogs
19944th Collier Row Lions
19952nd Romford Kestrels
19952nd Romford Eagles
1996 19th Romford Cobras
19973rd Collier Row Kestrels
199819th Romford Tigers
19993rd Havering Lions
20002nd Romford Eagles
20013rd Havering Stags
20023rd Havering Stags
20033rd Gidea Park Ravens
20043rd Gidea Park Ravens
2005? (2nd R?)
20063rd Gidea Park
2007? (3CR?)

For the last few years of its use, there was no space on the cup to engrave the winners. This is why some of the last four or five years are a little vague

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The Walker cup was presented to the district by Joan Walker in memory of her husband Roy who was DC of Romford District from 1982 - 1989. The cup replaced the Portman Trophy and is presented to the Scout Patrol who score the most points on the camp cooking elements of the Annual Franklin Shield competition. Recent results can be found from the Franklin Shield page.

20083rd Gidea Park
20093rd Collier Row
20103rd Havering
20112nd Romford
20122nd Romford
20132nd Romford 'Wood Eagle Owls'
20153CR Mightly Ducks
201621st Romford
20173rd Collier Row
20182nd Romford
20192nd Romford
2020Cancelled due to Covid 19
2021Cancelled due to Covid 19
2022Practice event only
202321st Romford

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