Romford and District Scouts’ Association Swimming Club
The Williams Trophy
Presented By Capt S.W.Williams. 1st Hornchurch Troop
To be Competed For Annually By Scout Troops In the
Romford District


1923 2nd Romford Troop
1924 2nd Romford Troop
1925 7th Romford Troop
1926 7th Romford Troop
1927 7th Romford Troop
1928 7th Romford Troop
1929 11th Romford Troop
1930 11th Romford Troop
1931 11th Romford Troop
1932 11th Romford Troop
1933 11th Romford Troop
1934 11th Romford Troop
1935 11th Romford Troop
1936 11th Romford Troop
1937 1st Gidea Park Troop
1938 1st Gidea Park Troop
1942 7th Romford Troop
1943 7th Romford Troop
1944 7th Romford Troop
1947 2nd Romford Troop
1948 2nd Romford Troop
1949 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1950 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1951 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1952 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1953 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1954 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1955 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1956 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1957 19th Romford Troop
1958 1st Harold Hill Troop
1959 3rd Gidea Park
& 7th Romford
1960 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1961 2nd Collier Row Troop
1962 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1963 2nd Romford Troop
1964 2nd Romford Troop
1965 8th Romford (St Johns Troop)
1966 6th Romford (St Edwards) R.C.
1967 6th Romford (St Edwards) R.C.
1968 6th Romford (St Edwards) R.C.
1969 1st Havering
1970 2nd Havering (Rise Park)
1971 2nd Havering (Rise Park)
1972 13th Romford (Trinity)
1973 13th Romford (Trinity)
1974 13th Romford (Trinity)
1975 3rd Havering (St James)
1976 13th Romford
1977 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1978 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1979 2nd Havering Troop.
1980 2nd Havering Troop.
1981 4th Collier Row (R.C.)
1982 4th Collier Row (R.C.)
1983 11th Romford Troop
1984 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1985 3rd Havering (St James)
1986 3rd Gidea Park Troop
& 3rd Havering (St James)
1987 3rd Havering (St James)
1988 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1989 11th Romford Troop
1990 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1991 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1992 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1993 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1994 3rd Gidea Park Troop
1995 2nd Romford
1996 3rd Havering
1997 3rd Havering
1998 3rd Havering
1999 3rd Havering
2000 3rd Havering
2001 2nd Havering
2002 2nd Havering
2006 3rd Gidea Park
20121st Romford
20132nd Romford
2014 1st Romford (Results)
20153rd Gidea Park
2016 3rd Squirrels Heath (Results)
2017 21st Romford (Results)
2018 3rd Gidea Park (Results)

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The trophy has been contested 82 times since 1923. There have been two draws.
3rd Gidea Park 241
11th Romford102
3rd Havering93
7th Romford84
2nd Romford84
2nd Havering 66
13th Romford47
6th Romford38
4th Collier Row29
1st Gidea Park (2nd Squirrels Heath)29
1st Romford29
21st Romford112
3rd Squirrels Heath112
8th Romford112
19th Romford112
2nd Collier Row112
1st Havering112
1st Harold Hill112

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