St George's Runners Up

Romford District Cubs.
St George's Competition Runners Up

195211th Romford11r
1953 10th Romford10R
19543rd Collier Row3CR
195510th Romford and 13th Romford10R 13R
19562nd Collier Row2CR
19572nd Collier Row2CR
195813th Romford13R
195913th Romford13R
19601st Romford1R
19612nd Romford2R
196213th Romford13R
19632nd Collier Row B Pack2CRb
196413th Romford13R
19653rd Gidea Park and 3rd Harold Hill3GP3HH
19663rd Harold Hill3HH
19678th Romford and 3rd Harold Hill8R3HH
19683rd Collier Row3CR
19691st Havering B Pack1HAV
197011th Romford11r
19712nd Collier Row B Pack2CR
19722nd Romford2R
19731st Romford1R
197410th Romford B Pack10R
19752nd havering2HAV
19762nd Collier Row B Pack2CR
197713th Romford, 3rd Gidea Park and 3rd Havering13R
197811th Romford A Pack11R
197913th Romford13R
19802nd Collier Row A Pack and 13th Romford.2CR
19812nd Collier Row A Pack2CR
198213th Romford13R
198311th Romford B Pack11R
19843rd Gidea Park A Pack3GP
198518th Romford
19862nd Collier Row2CR
19876th Romford 6R
198810th Romford B Pack10R
19892nd Romford2R
199010th Romford10R
19912nd Collier Row2CR
199210th Romford10R
199310th Romford10R
19942nd Romford2R
19952nd Romford2R
19962nd Romford and 11th Romford2R
199719th Romford19R
199811th Romford11r
19992nd Collier Row2CR
20002nd Romford2R
20012nd Romford2R
200211th Romford11r
20033rd Harold Hill3HH
20042nd Romford2R
200511th Romford11r
20062nd Romford2R
200710th Romford10R
200810th Romford10R
200910th Romford10R
20104th Collier Row4CR
20112nd Romford2R
20123rd Havering3HAV
201321st Romford1R
20143rd Gidea Park3GP
20223rd Gidea Park 3GP Results

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