Presented to the "Best all-round Scout Swimmer" these days competitors are required to complete 1 length Butterfly, 1x Backstroke, 1x Breastroke, 1x Freestyle.

In the 1950s it was described as being for Life Saving and Swimming.

YearName Troop
1926 P. Goodwin  
1927 R.A. Still  
1928 R.A. Still  
1929 H. Kelsey  
1930 J.A. Mackie  
1931 J.A. Mackie  
1932 B. Berry  
1933 N. Iraill  
1934 B. Wade  
1935 D.C. Mackie  
1936 A.C. Thompson  
1937 D.C. Mackie  
1938 J.W. Bruce & T.I Parkinson  
1942 G.E. Brown  
1943 D. Thomat &
G.E. Brown
1944 G.E. Brown  
1945 A.K. Yates 12th Romford (Royal Liberty School)
1946 A.K. Yates 12th Romford (Royal Liberty School)
1947 A.K. Yates 12th Romford (Royal Liberty School)
1948 B.P. Gamester  
1949 L.Thorogood & J.Raper  
1950 J. Raper 13th Romford
1951 A.V. Green  
1952 C.Carter & J. Miles  
1953 B.J.Ruffeu  
1954 J.R. baskerville &
H.J. Eaton
Both 3rd Gidea Park
1955 John Baskerville 3rd Gidea Park
1956 C.Bull 4th Gidea Park
1957 R. Goody 8th Romford
(Result determined in advance of the gala.)
1958 R. Goody 8th Romford
(Result determined in advance of the gala.)
1959 R. Goody 8th Romford
(Result determined in advance of the gala.)
1960 M.A.Edwards 7th Romford
1961 R.F. Gavin 18th Romford
1962 R.F. Gavin 18th Romford
1963 R.F. Gavin 18th Romford
1964 R.F. Gavin 18th Romford
1965 H. Taylor  
1966 D.G. Chamm  
1967 D.G. Chamm  
1968 D.G. Chamm  
1969 D.R.Tydemann  
1970 D. Hamm  
1971D. Hamm 
1972Nel McKechnie 
1973Carl Suthenwood 
1975M Hilton  
1976S. Alder 
1977J. Alder (His son joined 3GP)
1978A. Kinsey 
1979A. Kinsey 
1980A. Kinsey 
1981A. Kinsey 
1982A. Kinsey 
1983A. Kinsey 
1984A. Fearr 
1985N. Clifford 
1986N. Clifford 
1987N. Clifford 
1988N. Clifford 
1989 R. Couchman 
1990R. Couchman 
1991 D. Truman 3rd Gidea Park.
1992 R. Philpott 
1993 G. Leadsham 
1994G. Leadsham 
1995 T. Turner 
1996 J. M. Kinsey 
1997 C. Braybrook 19th Romford
1998 J. Kinsey 3rd Collier Row
1999J. Kinsey3rd Collier Row
2000J. Kinsey3rd Collier Row
2001 C. Chapman 2nd Havering
2002 J. Kinsey Abbots Venture Unit
2006 J. Clowrey 3rd Harold Hill
2013 J. Sparks Unit J.
2015S. Lisney3rd Harold Hill
2016S. Lisney3rd Harold Hill
2017?Unit J
2018H. PantonUnit A

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