The Bill Archer Shield is awarded to the Beaver Colony that wins the annual Beaver Scout Sports event.

Year Colony
1991 3rd Gidea Park
1992 13th Romford
1993 3rd Gidea Park
1994 4th Collier Row
1995 3rd Havering
1996 2nd Romford
1997 2nd Romford
1998 3rd Collier Row
1999 6th Romford
2000 6th Romford
2001 1st Romford
2002 1st Romford
2003 1st Romford
2004 2nd Havering
2005 4th Collier Row
20063rd Gidea Park
20074th Collier Row
2008 3rd Gidea Park (Not engraved)
2009 6th Romford
20104th Collier Row
20114th Collier Row
2012 10th Romford
2013 TBC (Not engraved)
2014 TBC (Not engraved)
2015 TBC (Not engraved)
201619th Romford
2017 2nd Romford
20183rd Gidea Park (Penguins)

There is also a random 2nd Collier Row with no year on it.

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