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The Ron Barton trophy is a carved wooden cross section of a tree.


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Year Group PL
1973:1st Harold Hill I. Reade P.L.
1974 1st Harold Hill P. Baxter P.L.
1975 1st Harold Hill A. Jones P.L.
1976 8th RomfordB. Constable P.L.
1977 6th RomfordI. Goddard P.L.
1978 3rd Gidea ParkRichard Tong P.L.
1979 3rd Gidea ParkPeter Mitchell P.L.
1980 3rd Gidea ParkPeter Mitchell P.L.
1981 8th RomfordAndrew Notman P.L.
1982 3rd HaveringGary Cummins P.L.
1983 1st RomfordMat Jones P.L.
1984 3rd HaveringJason Wapling P.L.
19853rd HaveringJason Wapling P.L.
19862nd RomfordPeter Fishliegh P.L.
19871st RomfordRichard Connell P.L.
19882nd RomfordBen Guynan P.L.
19893rd Collier RowDamian Murray P.L.
19902nd RomfordJames Godden P.L.
19912nd RomfordR. Booth P.L.
19922nd RomfordJ.Daltrey P.L.
199319th Romford TigersD. Greenwood P.L.
19942nd RomfordS.Tovell / I. Whitty
19953rd Collier Row P. Foster P.L.
19963rd HaveringTom Hammond P.L.
1997[Joint] 19th Romford / 3rd Collier Row
199819th RomfordC. Greenwood P.L.
19993rd HaveringGraeme Charlton P.L.
200011th RomfordMark Clissold P.L.
20013rd HaveringJack Hammond P.L.
200219th RomfordD. Smith P.L.
20031st RomfordP.Webb P.L.
20042nd Collier RowCraig Markwick P.L.
2005Not run
20063rd Gidea ParkJamie Gildea P.L.
2007Not run
20083rd Gidea Park (Event Report)Tom Sandberg P.L.
20093rd Gidea Park (Results)Tom Sandberg P.L.
20103rd Gidea Park (Results)James Taylor P.L.
20112nd Romford (Results)Sammy Rees P.L.
20122nd Romford (Results) (Log Book Extracts)Robert Leeper P.L.
20132nd Romford (Results) (Event Report)Robert Leeper P.L.
20143rd Gidea Park (Results) (Participant Feedback)I. Martin P.L.
20152nd Romford (Results) (Participant Feedback)C. Ross P.L.
20163rd Gidea Park (Results) (Participant Feedback)H. Panton P.L.

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12nd Romford10
23rd Gidea Park9
33rd Havering 6
419th Romford 4
51st Harold Hill3
53rd Collier Row3
68th Romford 2
76th Romford 1
711th Romford 1
72nd Collier Row1

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